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Take home the Dome this summer!

Are you a Notre Dame student looking to get ahead or fulfill a requirement? A transfer student looking to pick up extra credit or a working professional looking to acquire new skills? Take advantage of Notre Dame’s exceptional faculty through our catalogue of Summer Online courses. Study from anywhere in the world, and enjoy the unmatched commitment to effective learning for which Notre Dame is renowned in fields such as data science, computing, mathematics, and the humanities.

What Our Students Say

I decided to enroll in the God and the Good Life summer online class since I wanted to fulfill a University Requirement over the summer (each semester, scheduling is very tight due to the chemical engineering curriculum), but wanted a class that was not a burden in terms of time commitment. It was a wonderful decision, since the online class platform — video-based — makes learning easy in the comfort of any location and the assignments are just as interactive as if all the students were in one setting.

Danielle Koterbay
Chemical Engineering Student, University of Notre Dame, Class of 2020

I very much enjoyed the R for Data Science course. I found the work engaging and it challenged me to improve every week. The instructor did a great job making himself available for help both during our weekly sessions and outside of class. For those looking to pick up some additional skills in data science, I highly recommend it.

Patrick Graff
​Department of Sociology Center for Research on Educational Opportunity, Burns Fellow, Program for Interdisciplinary Education Research

Summer was the perfect time to take my time with the material and thoroughly learn the information inside and out. Calculus III is a big part of engineering and having nothing else to do but Calculus III made it very nice to be able to learn to material without any other distractions. In hindsight I am even more happy with taking the class over the summer because a lot of my classes that I am taking currently taking touch a lot upon Calculus III topics therefore it has lead me to do better in the classes. Rather than concurrently learn the Calculus III material along with my Statics and Physics classes, I am further ingraining those topics because they are essentially review. I am beyond happy with my choice to take calculus III over the summer.

William Tjaden
Civil Engineering Student, University of Notre Dame, Class of 2021

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Registration for Summer 2024 classes begins at 6:00am EST March 20, 2024. If you have any questions regarding our summer offerings, please email summeronline@nd.edu.

The Notre Dame Summer Online Experience

What to expect from our summer online courses:

  • All Summer Online courses are Notre Dame courses, designed and taught by Notre Dame faculty, offering Notre Dame credit and satisfying Notre Dame requirements.
  • Students meet with their professors and classmates once or twice a week in live online sessions held in the evenings. These class meetings are a required and essential part of the class.
  • In addition to the live sessions, students, independently or in groups, work through online content designed by Notre Dame faculty. This work can be done anytime, anywhere, but there are specific weekly deadlines so staying on track is critical to success in online classes.
  • Small class sizes ensure students benefit from peer-to-peer interaction and close faculty attention.
  • The online courses offer the same rigor and excellence that define Notre Dame on-campus courses.

Current Students

Get ahead, get back on track, or fulfill a requirement while working and traveling this summer. If you have questions about meeting requirements through these courses, please discuss them with your Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

Visiting Students

Want the Notre Dame experience, wherever you live? With our Summer Online courses, you can join a Notre Dame classroom and earn credit as a non-degree student. Visit the Summer Session website for more details.

Student Athletes

Do you have a busy practice schedule in the fall or spring? Taking a Summer Online course can help you get ahead or get back on track. Consult with your Academic Counselors before enrolling in a summer online course.


Whether your child is currently a student at Notre Dame or another institution, Summer Online courses enable them to access the excellence of Notre Dame faculty from wherever they are this summer.

Financial Aid
Technical Requirements
Application Process


  • Summer Online courses are open to all students with a high school degree. Typically, students must be 18 years and older.
  • Students can take a maximum of two online courses during the same session.
  • Please note that Summer Online courses may carry prerequisites or location restrictions. Please review any such requirements carefully before applying to ensure your eligibility.


  • Summer 2024 rates:
    • Undergraduate tuition rate: $1,370 per credit hour (includes online courses)
      Graduate tuition rate: $1,340 per credit hour
    • For information about financial aid, please email finaid@nd.edu. Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

Financial Aid

Questions regarding financial support for online courses should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid

Technical Requirements

  • Course materials are delivered via one of the University’s learning management systems. 
  • All courses include online discussion sections over the Zoom video conferencing system – system requirements.
  • You need to have a way to transmit video. Cameras built into computer monitors are sufficient. For students that do not have a built-in camera on their computer, one can be purchased inexpensively.
  • We strongly urge you to have a wired Internet connection for the live discussion sections.
  • Because your video and audio will be shared with the class, students will need a dedicated, quiet space from which to join class.

Application Process

  • Applications for 2024 summer online courses open at 6:00 a.m. EST on March 20, 2024
  • Current Notre Dame students should apply through NOVO in Inside ND. 
  • Click Notre Dame Application if you are an undergraduate or graduate student visiting from another institution or if you are taking classes for professional development or personal enrichment. 
  • Click Employee Benefit Information if you are an employee/spouse and you wish to take summer courses. 

Notre Dame Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Notre Dame Satff

Notre Dame Faculty and Staff

  • Notre Dame faculty and staff are eligible to use their employee tuition benefit for Summer Online courses. Pick up a new skill or earn credits towards your degree or professional development after hours or from any location.
  • Summer Online courses are available for enrollment by children of Notre Dame faculty and staff, using the summer tuition benefit for dependents.
  • For more information, visit https://hr.nd.edu/benefits/educational-benefits/

Notre Dame Alumni

Notre Dame alumni can continue their educational journey with their alma mater by enrolling in one of Notre Dame’s Summer Online courses. 

  • Courses available in fields such as data science, computing, mathematics, and the humanities.
  • Same excellence that defines our on-campus courses.
  • Can be taken from wherever you are this summer.